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Building A Pool::Materials

Gunite or Vinyl: Why Choose These Over Other Materials

Many factors go into selecting the type material to use when building a swimming pool. Gunite, Vinyl, Shot-crete, and Fiberglass are just a few. Heritage only installs Gunite and Vinyl pools. Some pools companies claim to be installing a Gunite pool but in reality they are installing a Shot-crete pool. There is a huge difference in these materials, most homeowners wouldn't know the difference. These companies rely on that fact save money. If you are considering a Gunite pool make sure to ask the question as to which material will be used. Heritage uses only Gunite while other companies substitute the lesser material and pocket the extra savings.

Gunite Construction really means Custom construction. No prefabricated kits or component parts in these structures, every aspect of construction is customized and performed by true craftsmen. Freeform shapes, unique water features such as Vanishing edges and Elevated Hot tubs, Retaining wall and support structures for challenging lots and locations, unmatched structural integrity and the ability to use many different echelons of finishing materials make the Gunite pool the right choice of most of our clients.

Vinyl Construction really means lots of bang for your buck. Heritage uses only the best galvanized steel in-ground pool kits available. The liner itself is coated with a specially engineered acrylic coating giving the linear extra resistance to chemicals, algae growth, sun exposure and more. If a custom look at a great price is your definition of Great Value, than a Heritage Vinyl pool is exactly what you need.

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