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Building A Pool::Process

What should I expect when building a pool?

  1. After receiving an inquiry from a potential client, an on-site consultation is conducted. This is the most important part of the process. An exchange of ideas between the Client and Heritage takes place. Through this exchange of ideas, we try to establish and understand the expectations, wants, and needs of the client while also assessing the area given to work. From this meeting a conceptual design is generated allowing Heritage to determine a budget number for the project.
  2. Once design and cost are agreed upon the project can begin. All permitting and inspections applicable to the project are taken care of by Heritage. The design will be laid out in the field for the homeowners approval prior to excavation. Once this layout is approved excavation begins.
  3. A 3/8" -1/2" steel rebar infrastructure is placed on floor and walls of pool. The rebar skeleton will be bonded with a #8 bonding wire and inspected by a state electrical inspector. The rebar skeleton will also be inspected by the applicable county building inspector.
  4. The walls and floor of the pool will be sprayed with Gunite approx. 10"- 12" thick. This gunite structure must be allowed to cure for a minimum of 48 hrs prior to any further excavation being done around structure.
  5. All underground components such as plumbing and wiring are installed, bedded in gravel, pressure tested, inspected, and covered.
  6. The decking selected for the project is then installed. This can be any number of materials, Pavers, Stamped and Colored Concrete, Natural Stone, or Travertine Tile.
  7. Interior finish is typically the last major aspect of the project. Heritage installs many types depending on the clients preference. The most common types include Marcite, Diamond-Bryte, or one of the many Exposed Pebble Finishes.
  8. Completion of the project comes with the Pool being up and running, cleaned, sanitized, and ready for the clients to jump in and enjoy. Much like the closing on a new home, Heritage has a Certificate of Completion which is signed by both parties, concluding the project.
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